Who is the best online horse-betting bookmaker?

Online horse betting bookmakers are having a large number on the internet. At first glance, it may already be hard for the right and best suitable online bookmakers to find. On horse bet-online.info, for example, are provide a wide variety of online horse betting bookmaker. Everything is dependent and is based on different criteria and depending on whether they are good or bad. There is only one horse-betting provider, which has achieved the full score. It is Racebets.

Ultimately, you have to decide which online horse-betting bookmaker comes into question for you. We can only give you some pointers and give our opinion. As mentioned above, we assess the online bookmaker based our evaluation criteria (design / usability, betting odds / horse betting offering, customer support, bonus). To what extent these aspects for your bookmaker selection are decided, but you must decide for yourself. The above chart shows you the top 3 in the horse racing bookmaker. Sure, we could mention a few more here. With these three, however, it is the so-called elite in the horse racing area.


Racebets was the winner in our test across the board and thus cut off with maximum points. The horse-betting offer is very broad and can therefore nothing to be desired. Remain subject to the entire web application, a very good structure. For this reason, you find yourself quite at home on the web. The service makes a very good impression and answered the questions tend to be very fast. A real plus is the huge Welcome Bonus; you get on your first deposit. Racebets offers you one Bonus of 100% up to € 100.


Bwin should all German sports betting fans already know the concept. The betting provider operates much advertising to improve its visibility. This is an all-rounder. You have the option of the wide range of different horse racing use, or try your luck in another sport. You can also make an online casino or online poker available. Thus, you will be offered a lot of variety. Bwin relies on the use of modern technologies. The website was created very user-friendly. Should it come to questions, the first-class customer support available?


Besides the normal horseracing provides Betfairone betting exchange available. There you will have the opportunity to place bets on or against certain eventualities. This way you will be in very little horse betting bookmakers offer. For this reason, one could Betfair as something special call. Furthermore, you can draw with a very good customer service from. This will assist you with problems or questions, and answer questions. Betfair works a lot with video tutorials, so it will be easier for newcomers to familiarize yourself with the platform and the associated offer.

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